Tuesday, September 7, 2010

beach party

We recently made a trip to Huntington beach to celebrate Nikki's (our sis in law) birthday. Sadly it was probably only the 3rd beach trip for us this year. We ate some hot dogs and cheesecake and watched the crazy little boys enjoy the freezing water. It was a really fun time and I'm glad we were able to make it to the celebration. We love you Nikki and are so glad you are a part of this family!!

That's right, we got her a Snuggie...don't be jealous!All the kids (mostly Chloe)could talk about all day was making sand castles.Hayden (Nikki's nephew) just couldn't keep his hands off Chloe,but she is pretty darn cute.Escorting her to the water.Crazy boys, the water was COLD.Really, he did love it!She wants no part of that cold water.Playing it safe up on the shore.This is by far my favorite image of the day. Chloe's face is priceless..."dude, leave me alone already!"

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Christian turns 5

Christian turned 5 on August 20th...I just can't believe it. Really, I feel like he was just born last week in so many ways. He had school on his birthday, but we brought treats to share with the class to celebrate. He choose Toy Story cookies. When he got home from school we celebrated with a chocolate muffin(cause he loves them)and a few gifts.

Auntie Michelle, Uncle Jim and the boy's gifts were a huge hitI think the pencils were his fav from mom and dad...ok,maybe not His gifts from mom and dad (some video games)And from Chloe (a Bumble Bee Transformer)And to top off the event we celebrated at Disneyland two days later!!!

Happy birthday Christian! We love you so much and are so glad you are in our family! xoxo

5 things you may not know about Christian:

1. He grinds his teeth when he sleeps
2. He still sucks his thumb
3. He loves the roller coasters at Disneyland
4. He loves bread sticks (aka, pizza sticks as he calls them)
5. He loves to be cuddled when he is sick

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

such a girl!

In case you don't know by now our little Chloe is quite the girly-girl. She is always playing dress up, singing, dancing, making things beautiful (her words), playing baby dolls, princess or coloring. Really, I don't know where she gets it! Some days she has so many layers of things on and accessories to match that she amazes me. I have to stop her from changing clothes because she does it too much. Some kids are just born with certain gifts and we have ourselves a little fashionista. And really we love every minute of it...we smile a lot thanks to her. :)