Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Our anniversary weekend...part 1

So Sunday we celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary. Some days it feels like we have been together for such a long time and others it still fells brand new...just the way it should I guess.:) So we headed to San Diego for the weekend. I just love that place and just being it the city itself makes me smile. If I were rich I think I just might move there...well maybe. :) We had two main events in store for our time there. One was to go to Legoland and the second was for me to do a photo session for a certain family down there (more on this later).

Saturday we headed to Legoland. This was a bit exciting for us because we had never been there. We are so used to going to Disneyland and not needing a map that it was fun for us to be a little bit lost while we were there. Overall it was great! It's great for the younger kids, but I don't recommend it for the older ones. Lines were a little long for a few rides, well not Dland long, but still too long for how short the rides were if I must tell the truth. :) It sure was awesome to see so many cool things made of just legos though. And despite the crazy hot weather we all had fun and Christian had an absolute blast!

And here are some pics from our adventures. Warning: there are a lot!!

Christian and dad mapping out the plan of attack for the next day

VegasHollywoodNew YorkThis bird proves just how small the figures were Chloe made a friendI told Dustin that Christian could do this ride, but he proved me wrong. So funny though!the fire truck racejust because we tried SO hard for this pic (see Jen I do take a bad pic...LOL)Christian saw this one first and we had to go to it before any others, yes it was across the park and yes you did have to pedal to make it least I got some exercise :)Chloe loved this and kept calling it grandma

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

pool fun

I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who seems to be behind on their posting. Just seems like I'm busy doing who knows what or it's just too hot to be in this back, air condition less room.

So the kids have been having fun at a few different pools this summer, but not the way you might think. They seem to just enjoy playing around the pool and don't really care to get in. They may dip in a little, but not too much. I am hoping this changes before summer is over.

Last Thursday we went to Nikki's parent's house and enjoyed some play time with the cousins. The kids really loved playing "car wash." So funny!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

catching up with the kiddos

Let's see what the kiddos have been up to for the past few weeks...

making repairs to the housecleared off book shelves because there just aren't enough other places to play in the househad fun playing with one of mommy's photography propsdestroyed Chloe's baby doll stroller in less than 24 hoursChloe got a new baby since she just loves them SO muchChristian in his "airplane"working on their hygineChloe is officially at the "BIG" table nowand this one we are still working on (sorry Christian)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Da nada

So Christian likes to put his arms out to the side and tell you that the gate is closed. That makes you ask him to open it. So last night this was the usual routine, but after I asked him to open it and then thanked him he told me "da nada." I about fell on the floor laughing. All day today he has been saying it and also Chloe, the little parrot, has said it a few times also. I'm sure I have Diego and Dora the Explore to thank for this!! :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

mama's new toy

So I wasn't going to blog about my new toy because, well...I just wasn't. But after my first session with it I just have to.

This is my new toy:

I am officially in love with my new 50d!! The raw image that you can capture once you get your settings down is ridiculous. So crisp and yummy! And the large screen makes it so much easier for me. And the most amazing thing to me was that I didn't get one blurry picture. Makes me think that maybe my old camera wasn't as good as I thought. I probably won't be buying used again.

So just for fun here are a few images right out of the camera and then edited.I still have much to learn about this camera, but I think I did pretty good for my first time. :)


after editing


after editing


after editing