Thursday, September 22, 2011

Christian turned 6

Christian has been 6 for a whole month now. 6 was a little hard for me. 5 still seems like a little boy, but 6 just seems so much older. Weird I know!!

His birthday fell on a Saturday this year so that made for a fun day. We woke up and got ready for our adventures of the day. We headed up to Big Bear to ride the Alpine slides. We also took a spin on the race cars. The kids had a blast.

We were going to have pizza while up the mountain, but grabbed some and came back home to eat instead. Chloe and I made his brownie cake and then we all enjoyed it and opened some presents.

A new bike = a happy boy!!!

A few days later we celebrated with the family.

We also celebrated Nikki's b-day that day.

6 things you may not know about Christian...

1. He loves school.
2. He's great at math.
3. He bites his fingernails (badly).
4. He loves chocolate milk.
5. He now has a love for video games and Star Wars..
6. He has a very tender heart.

Happy birthday Christian. We love you so much!!!