Thursday, May 27, 2010

father-son camp out

Earlier this month Dustin and Christian went on their first father-son camp out with some other fathers and sons from church. We didn't tell Christian until the day before because we didn't want to hear about it all week since time is still hard to understand. :)When we did tell him he was super excited! When he woke up the next morning he went looking for dad (who was at work)and came back nearly in tear when he thought that he got left behind. I quickly told him dad was at work and that they would go when he got home. "Oh OK" and then he was off to play!! :)

They went to Mule Canyon out in Calico. Not much but dirt and rocks there, but that's how the boys like it I guess because Christian had a ton of fun. So much fun that he pretended that he was camping for the next week in the house. :)

Bye guys...have fun!Chloe tried hard to tag along.Mule CanyonThe happy, but tired return.A few shots of the indoor camping throughout the week following.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Mother's Day didn't start off the greatest for me this year. I woke up with a TERRIBLE migraine and was in serious pain! The kids came in the room to give me a card and the presents that they picked out all by them selves. :) They gave me a kiss and then let me lay down for a bit to try and kick the pain. I took some meds and Dustin took the kids to Church while I stayed home and tried to pull it together. :)

The kids looked so cute that I had to have Dustin get a few shots of them.

The flowers that the kids picked out for me!Chloe modeling her dress that Jen got her when she was here visiting :)My new favorite picture!
The night before we started things off right with a yummy BBQ, thanks hun!

We went to my mom's grave site to visit. I was a bit emotional this year, but the kids helped me with that. We tried to explain things to them, but they just kept yelling at the wall "Are you in there Grandma? I can't hear you." It was really a funny site and I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes.

We got an awesome cake from our friend Mario so we brought it over to Mammy's to share! Yummy!

It was a great Mother's Day and I am truly blessed to be a mom, especially to these two little love bugs!