Thursday, June 23, 2011

Christian's kinder graduation

Christian graduated kindergarten on Friday and we couldn't be more proud of him. He has learned so much this year and changed so much that it just amazes us. He has blossomed into quite a great kid!! He started out the year shy and quiet and ended the year quite differently. :)

We love his school and his teacher. He couldn't have had a better teacher that's for sure. She knew how to teach him and love him and in turn made him love school. And he sure did!!

Christian's end of the year gift to Mrs. Proch

 Mammy, Uncle Ryan and cousin Leilani came to watch him graduate. Then we all went to Cafe Rio for lunch. :)

 We loved his teacher Mrs. Proch...

and his class aide Mrs. Ortega.
One of his first friends that he made this year was Ethan. Such a sweet boy! His sister Savannah joined us for a picture.
His friend Cambria is the reason that we found this great school. Her mom Shellie and I are good friends and we are gonna miss them as they have moved a little distance away. But this may be my future daughter-in-law so we will be staying in touch for sure!!
Later that night we had the family over for dinner and to visit. Christian was so proud and showed off his years work and yearbook.  It was a great day and he was a happy and proud boy!!! I also have to add that his end of the year report card was excellent!

We are so proud of you Christian!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Christian's kinder zoo trip

A few months ago Christian's kinder class had their trike-a-thon to raise money for their end of the year field trip to the L.A. zoo. Well last week was the long awaited field trip. Dustin took the day off to join us and Chloe also went so it made for a nice family memory.

These pictures don't do justice to the size of this animal. He was huge!!!

The gorillas are always a favorite stop, but this time we got a real treat. With a packed crowd the gorilla went to the bathroom then decided to throw it at all of us. That's right! it landed about 5 feet from us and we decided it was time to move on. We later heard that a certain gorilla got a time out for some not so nice behavior. And of course that's the memory that the kids remember most! :)

Christian's good friend Maddox joined us for the day.

this and that...

Christian has a new passion for the outdoors.

It's called lawn mowing!!

Dustin is patient with him and now he wants to help everytime. He reminds you that the lawn is getting long and that it's Saturday...hint,hint. :)

Chloe and I went out scouting some new locations for my upcoming photography sessions, but didn't have good luck. So we played instead! This is the silly girl we know and love! Her expressions are priceless. So glad I captured them for memories.  

She LOVES flowers! Always picks them no matter where we are!

For Mother's Day we went to Dustin's parents and enjoyed a yummy BBQ. Man I love warmer weather for this reason alone.
Can I just point out how amazing Dustin looks!!!! He has lost over 40 pounds so far since January. So proud of him!!!