Sunday, October 30, 2011

a big day for a little girl

Chloe had a big day last week (Oct 24th).

She got hers ears pierced!!

A few months ago she was wanting them pierced so I told her she could for her birthday. Really I thought she would forget about it. Well her birthday came and past and she didn't mention it. Well last week she remembered. So off to the mall we went.

She was SO brave. There was only one employee working at the time so she had to take turns on each side. She did amazing. Not one tear was shed. She wanted it bad!!! The woman was amazed at how good she did and gave her 5 lolly of each color.

She's a happy girl!!!

Notice the nice cut on her forehead? That was a nice spill in her brother's room onto the rocking horse that caused a night trip to the doc. No stitches thank goodness, just some glue.

(I will add the before pics from the cell phone later)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Chloe's 4th birthday

Miss Chloe turned 4th on Sept 30th and I am just getting a chance to blog about it. Things are busy around here these days with school routines again and Holiday photo sessions in full swing.

She had a great birthday and felt the love for sure. But really, she is pretty darn easy to please. Her birthday fell on a Friday this year so Christian had school, but daddy took the day off to spend with her.

We started the day by heading to the park to let her play her little heart out. She made a new friend, as she always does, and even got me and dad on the swings. Then we let her pick the place of choice for lunch. She picked Coco's. We asked her a few times, but she was certain. ;) Then we came home and hung out a bit then it was time to get Christian from school.  The kids and I ran to the store and I even let Chloe pick her own cake. Yes, I am not the baker. ;) We enjoyed pizza for dinner then some cake and Chloe's pick of ice cream. Cotton Candy...her favorite. Then it was time for the favorite part...presents.

Her new dancing /dress up skirt.

A new baby from Grandpa Bob

Her favorite ice cream ;)

A few days later we celebrated with the rest of the family at Mammy and Grandpa's house.

Auntie Marci made her one awesome cake.

She made out like a bandit. Her family knows her well.

4 things that you may not know about Chloe:

1. She LOVES to sing and dance. She does it all the time and it doesn't matter where we are.
2. She has the cutest voice ever. I'm not just saying that as a parent, everyone tells us so. She's like a cartoon character. 
3. She loves to eat. I ask her often where she puts it all. I feel like she eats all day sometimes.
4. She is an overly sweet and giving girl. She is always making things and giving things to people. Even if she just met them. She loves to pick flowers and give them to you. I love this about her!  

Happy birthday sweet girl. We love you so much and you are a true joy and blessing to this family!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

a wedding and a reunion

Last month we spent a few days up North in La Selva Beach again. This can never happen too much. Dustin spent a lot of time there while growing up and has fond memories of it. I have come to adore it as we have been married and now our kids do as well. They LOVE going to Grandma Carole's!!

This time we made the trip to attend Brant and Tina's wedding (Brant is Dustin's cousin).  We also attended a small family reunion for Dustin's Grandpa Bivins side of the family. A always we had a great time and it was a great way to close out the summer!

Someone was a bit bored at the wedding!! ;)

She really does love me!
At least she loved Auntie Nikki!

My silly boys.

Some fun in the Hotel bath tub.

 Enjoying the pier and reunion at Sea Cliff Beach.
These kids sure enjoy one another and play hard!