Wednesday, April 30, 2008

another busy day

A busy day yet again. The kids and I ventured out to Target this morning to find frames so we could finally put our family pics up, but no luck. Got my hair fixed and I'm pretty happy with the results. We just added some dark streaks to it and that's what I wanted in the first place. So all is good in that area now and if I want to wear my hair up now I actually can. :) After my hair appt I went to Kohl's and that is always a dangerous thing. I saw online that they had the frames I was looking for and thankfully I was able to find them in the store also. Well close enough anyways.

Christian is still sick today, but seems to be a little better. I think that our crazy drastic changing weather may have some thing to do with it.

And can you believe that our little Chloe is 7 months old today. Where in the world is the time going. I just want to freeze her and keep her small a while longer. She is such a doll!!

So here is one pic of my hair that Dustin took tonight for those who wanted to see. It's not a very good one, but oh well. Dustin is the king of close ups!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

a LONG day for everyone

What a long day it has been. Christian came into my room and crawled into bed with me about 6:15 this morning. That was so nice because it never happens and for that reason I should have known that something was up. He was fussy yesterday and today he was sick. Poor kid had a runny nose all day and I sure hope he can sleep tonight. Little Chloe was also fussy all day so I think she has a bug too. Two sick and whiney kids are no fun at all.

Poor Dustin went right from work to the dentist today and then to my dad's to feed the horses. Poor guy then had to come home to sick and crabby kids. Still no nap for him and he is in putting Christian to bed. I do have to admit that he likes when Christian is sick because he let's Dustin cuddle with him. And if you know Christian he's not a cuddley kid so you take advantage of it when you can.

Well I'm off to get my hair done for the 2nd time in one week tomorrow. I got it cut and colored on Friday and I hate it. Well the color, I do like the cut. My hair pulled way too much red this time and parts of it are way orange. It took all I had not to go to the store and just buy a box and fix it myself. That never works though so wish me luck tomorrow. You never know what I may decide to do once I'm at the salon.

Monday, April 28, 2008


Well this entry is for my memories. I was giving Christian a bath tonight and he kept saying "mork." It's so funny and I want to remember it. He used to say both milk and water very clearly, but now he has combined the two and just says mork for both. I remember that in December we drove the coast on our way to La Selva and every time Christian saw the ocean all we heard from the back seat was "mork, mork." We just laughed!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Christian's special day

Yesterday was a day we had been waiting for since early last month. A friend at church had told us about a train museum in Perris that has a special event day where Thomas the train comes to visit. Well we were so happy when we saw that it would be this month. Dustin and I were so excited to bring Christian because if you know Christian then you know that he loves his trains. We were hoping that he would love it as much as we thought he would. We were not disappointed!

As we walked to the entrance a big steam engine rolled past and Christian blew his imaginary whistle at the conductor and we knew it was going to be a great day. There were lots of trains running that day and I think that we rode most of them. There was one that looked like a bus and I must say that seemed to be his favorite. We took pictures with Thomas, but were disappointed when we found out that we couldn't ride his train. That event is in November and I'm sure we will be back for that. :) Christian was such a good boy and you could tell he was in little boy heaven. The worst part of the day was the heat. I think it was the hottest day of the year so far. But if Christian can suck it up then I guess mom and dad had to also. It was a great day and well worth all the anticipation!!Chloe in ahh of her big brotherthe bus train that Christian lovedthis is the actual train that Disneyalnd modeled their's after

Friday, April 25, 2008

losing my mind

I told Dustin this morning that I must be the most indecisive person alive. All month I have planned on painting the living room and here it is with only a week left in April and it's still not done. Yesterday I told Dustin that I decided not to paint right now because I have so many more important things that I could be doing and honestly I just can't find the energy to do it. So then this morning I tell him that now I want to paint it again. I am so crazy!! It's just the task of doing it I guess, but I know that as soon as it's done I will be happy.

As for curtains I don't know what to say about that either. I really want to have them made, but fabric is not cheap. And I did find some pretty cute ones at Target. So who knows what I will do there either. So we will see in the next week what changes, if any, I decide to take on.

Here are some cute pics of the kids from yesterday. Christian loves to play in Chloe's crib when she is in there. Soon they will be good playmates and I can't wait!

Thursday, April 24, 2008



Don't forget that Grey's Anatomy returns tonight. You don't want to miss it! And just a little info for those who may not know yet...Adison returns for some shows this season. Yea, I love her! Enjoy! funny

So yesterday I decided that I would venture out to the fabric store with the kids. Oh what fun that was! I wanted to get an idea of prices on fabric because I really want to have some made by my mom in law. After that we ventured over to Target for a new pillow. I have been having severe back pain the last few months and thought that maybe a new pillow would help, that's a whole different issue though. So I looked at the curtains there and found some for a really good price and got them for the dining room. Since I never quite loved the ones that we have on there now.

I decided that I would put them on before Dustin got home from work and see how long it would take him to notice. He surprised me and actually noticed pretty quick. Later he made the comment that they remind him of pajamas. Such a man thing to say. Now all I can think of when I look at them is pajamas. So needless to say they will most likely not be lasting very long and I will go and buy my second choice that I should have went with in the beginning. So funny!

the old curtainsthe new "pajama" curtains
So here are a few prints that I am looking at for the living room. What do you think? Do you like any? I know it's hard to tell from these little swatches especially since they cut most of the pattern off. I will keep looking though.


door step surprise

Today was filled with two head strong children. After Dustin got home from work he put Christian down for a nap for me and I took a try with Chloe. She was being fussy even though she was clearly tired. I will never know why when kids are tired they don't just go to sleep instead of fighting you. Also I think that Chloe's teeth are causing her some grief. :( Anyways...during the battle for a nap I thought I heard someone at the door, but I wasn't sure.

Later as I opened the front door there was a surprise waiting there for us. Well for the kids really. Auntie Marci and the girls had dropped some books by for the kids. I had been telling her that I need to get some and look what happened. Christian dove right into the bag and was so excited to see all the TRAIN books. He even shared with Chloe! So thanks guys and I think you just moved up his COOL list!! I think I know what books we will be reading tonight! :)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

can't shake it

Yesterday after returing home from Disneyland I started to check the e-mail and blogs of course. Well one really got my attention. I was on my friend Gina's blog and had to take a moment to myself. She has such an amazing and tragic story that she has captured with such beauty. I can't stop thinking about it!

I encourage all of you to take the time to visit Gina's blog and read the entry titled "my heart is filled." There you will find the link to a great story. It will make you happy, sad, proud and inspired all at the same time. You will want to check on this story all the time and see how things are going. Leave a comment and let them know you are thinking of them.

Thanks Gina for introducing me to an amazing story. It makes you think that maybe our own situations just aren't so bad.

Gina's blog:

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Disney fun mixed with some tears

What an adventure we had. We got to DL about noon and headed over to the DL side first. We were surprised to see how crowded it was for a Monday in April especially since Spring break should be done for most kids. So we decided to just go on a few rides like the train of course, buzz light year, the cars, peter pan and the carousel. Then we headed over to DCA. We got some pizza for lunch and then found a seat for the parade.

Since the parade was the main event of this trip we made sure to get there in plenty of time and find the perfect seat. Dustin said that this is either going to be really great or really bad. Well he was right on both counts. The parade music started and Christian already had a worried look on his face.First the characters from Monster's Inc came out and he was OK until he saw the old lady monster and she started to come close to him. Poor kid was hiding in the back of the crowd crying his eyes out. So sad, but so funny! As the parade went on he calmed down a bit then would get scared again. It was all worth it though when he saw Buzz. He was so excited and I had to laugh about how he kept yelling "Buzz, Buzz, mama Buzz, Buzz." So cute!

We stayed the night out there and then this morning Dustin surprised me by telling me that we were going to Sonic for breakfat. That made my day! I love that place and since it's so far away we don't get to go very often. Dustin loves it because he say's that there is no other place that you can order the whole menu and only pay about $20.

All in all it was a trip well worth the effort!! Maybe next time he will enjoy the parade. Funny thing is right after the parade he was very excited to go on the Monster's ride. Kids are so funny!He wanted this lollie so bad, but I think it wasn't as fun to eat as he thought
Christian playing with his train while waiting for the parade to startwaiting for the paradethe scary monstersthis character loved Chloehe's a bout to see Buzzthis made it all worth itone of our favorite thingscompletely wiped outhe loved the window at the hotel

Monday, April 21, 2008

off to the happiest place on earth


Dustin and I were planning on going to Disneyland sometime this week, but didn't realize it would be today. He called me early this morning from work and said "hey lets go today." So he only will work a half day which is 9am for him and then we will be off. We are excited because we haven't been in over a month and are itching to go. I know, a whole month, but for us it feels like a long time. We are most excited to see the Pixar parade that we saw pics of on Letti's blog. Christian loves Toy Story and I can't believe that we have never watched it. I guess the thought of making a 2 1/2 year old sit through a parade it terrifying. Well wish us luck!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

just for us

Today I was thinking about our trip to the East coast that we took in February. I realized that we started this blog after that trip and that I didn't have any pictures from it on here yet. So this entry is mostly for me so that I can have pictures from our trip in our journal when we print it out.

We had a great time despite the horrible ordeal of getting there with the ridicules airlines. As of right now I think that Atlanta is the worst airport. :) Seriously...could it be any bigger?! We had a great trip even though we had snow some days and some pretty cold days. We loved the change from our usual Cali weather. The trip went way too fast, but we were sure glad to get to see the family.

Chloe meeting uncle Jim and auntie Michelle for the first timeChristian, uncle Jim and Jacob even I gave it a try Dustin and Christian playing at Hampton BeachNubble Light House in MaineChloe and Auntie MichelleDo you see the snow on the beach behind Christian? So cool!Christian passed out and there was no way to wake him up...we just laughedcomplete tourists
downtown Boston
the famous foot shotthe house where my mom grew upme and my big brother Jim