Sunday, August 31, 2008

Christian's birthday: part 2

So Friday night we celebrated Christian's 3rd birthday with family and friends. We decided to have his party at the bounce house that we discovered last month and I think it was a wise choice. He was in heaven and I think most of the guests were too! :) We had a blast watching him run from one jumper to another and just simply have a great time. I don't think there is anything better than seeing your child truly happy.

So many people came to help us celebrate our little man's happy day and we are very grateful for you all. You made it a great time and were more than generous in your gifts to him. Thank you so much!! I think that the only negative about the night was the lack of air conditioning. It just didn't seem to be working too well. :(

So here are some fun pictures from the night. There are a lot so bare with me. Seriously I had so many that I could have gone on forever. Enjoy!!

little kid fun

big kid fun
Jeremy's BIG injury

Christian's fun

Christian absolutely loved his cake and must have asked me at least 50 times if he could have it yet. I really thought that the cake wouldn't make it to the rest of the guests. :)

Dustin and I both agree that the best part of the night was when we sang happy birthday to him. His little face just lit up and you could see that he was just in a state of pure joy. It was great!! He usually will get excited, but then get very shy and hide. Not this was his time to enjoy and he did.

We love you Christian and happy birthday!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Where have we been?

Well I would like to tell you that we have been on an exotic vacation somewhere, just laying around on the beach while we were being served refreshments. Too bad that wasn't the case!! We have just been busy, busy this week. Between our everyday stuff and helping my dad out with his stuff and getting ready for a certain 3 year olds birthday party...we have just been busy and beat down. :) Well the party was last night so things can now calm down for a short time, then it will be time to prepare for a fun camping trip. :)

I will get some pictures of the party posted later today for those of you who are waiting to see the fun and the injuries (wink,wink Jeremy). :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

alright...time to fess up

So it's that time...time to fess up. Who are you and where are you from?? :) I really want to know who is stopping by to visit our blog and what makes you want to stop by. I know it must be to see the latest news on my tornado of a son! :) I have my faithful regulars, who I love, but who are the rest of you? What makes you stop by? Do I know you and you just don't leave a comment or have we yet to meet? Do you visit from someone else's blog, I know I do that a lot. :) Tell me, tell me...I'm dying to know!

To be honest I can see where some of you are coming from and even when you stop by, but I just don't know exactly WHO you are. If you are the someone from the New Jersey area that stops by often PLEASE tell me about yourself. I am so eager to know!!

So there is my plea. I hope to hear from my old and hopefully some new friends. Have a great week all!!

a new friend for Christian

So I had to post theses pictures of Christian opening his present form Auntie Michelle and family from last week. Christian had seen this at the store a few times before and really wanted it, but still never ended up getting it. So when he opened the present his little face just lit up. Auntie Michelle must be a mind reader. :)

See... I told you he loved his new friend Woody. I don't think he put him down for 3 days straight and even slept with him at night. Woody even went to Disneyland with us and Christian didn't even try and fill my purse up with trains before heading out the door this time. Now that's saying something!! :) And it's perfect because we are going camping in a few weeks and now Woody is all set for that adventure too. :)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

latest damage report

I bet you didn't know that we have tornadoes in Southern Cali. Well the past two days tornado Christian has been touching down all over our house. Here are just a few pictures of the "major" damage, the minor damage didn't even make the news this time. :)

eggs thrown from the fridgeDVDs thrown on the floorclothes emptied on to the floor and dog (as usual)and toilets filled with bath toys

So really I'm not a mom that just lets my child run wild all the time. Dustin and I have decided that Christian is the type of kid that needs super vision ALL the time. If you leave him alone for even two minutes it could be a disaster. He constantly needs to be entertained. We are looking into preschools because I think it would be really great for him. He is at the age where he is a sponge and to be honest I think that he just gets bored at home a lot. I wanted to wait until about January to start him, but we will see.

So our house in now in the lock down stage for Christian. I thought it was before, but obviously I was WRONG. We had put locks on the fridge a few weeks ago, but surprise, surprise he knows how to open them. So thanks to Shellie for dropping by some reinforcements and now hopefully life will be a little less messy for a while. :)

thanks again Shellie

Friday, August 22, 2008

warning, warning...

This just in...tornado Christian has been spotted in the Southern California area for the second day in a row. Stay tuned for updates on the damage...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Christian turns 3

Christian turned 3 yesterday and I just can't believe it. Dustin was telling him the story of the day he was born and it really did feel like just a short time ago. Time goes so fast, even though there are days that feel like they will never end. :) He adds such fun to our lives. His smile and laughter can just light up a room. He is still a bit shy at times, but for the most part is just a rowdy little guy. He continues to teach us patience and understanding each day. He brings so much joy to our family as well as a few tears. :) We sure do love him and can't imagine our family without him!!

We spent the past two days at Disneyland with him and I must admit that this was one of the funnest times. He was so vocal this time about what he liked and wanted to do. The only bad thing was that it was a bit too crowded for our taste and we weren't able to do a lot of the things that he wanted to. He also was a little short for a few rides and wasn't too happy about that at all. He had us laughing a lot with how animated he was when he saw something he recognized or liked. We saw Mickey Mouse and decided to get a picture with him since the line was actually short. I thought that Christian might be old enough to enjoy it. Was I ever wrong!! It was a funny moment in the day. Chloe was a good girl for us the entire time. The only negative is that she is a COMPLETE wiggle worm. It was no fun trying to hold her on some of the rides and the first day she fought the stroller pretty hard. It was a fun time and we can't wait to go back next month once it's a little less crowded and hot.

We decided to pick up a cake and some ice cream on the way home and have a little family celebration. Why did we bother? He didn't even so much as have one bite. And to end the night he found the remaining cake still on the table and thought it should be thrown on the dog and across the floor. So glad I made the effort to get the kid a cake!! :) We will have his real birthday party with his family and friends next should be a fun time.

These are some pics from our past two days. There are a lot so that I can remember them for my journal.

getting ready to watch the parade
Chloe and daddy pulling each others hair