Friday, February 27, 2009

wish us luck...

Today we are going to try and do a photo shoot with our own kids and get some family shots too. Heaven help us!! I mean come on , all I need is at least one decent family shot to hang on the wall. Is that too much too ask? :)So wish us luck...I have a feeling we will need it.

And you won't want to miss these pics once I post them I can already tell you. We have a fun little twist coming...hehe!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I won!!

OK, so I just have to brag because I never win anything. As you know I'm a twilight freak and love the blog that Lyssa does. So I enter a lot of contests and finally one, yea! So, keep entering those contests never know when it will be your turn to win.

Oh, and I won a cool twilight can wrap...go check it out!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Utah trip

This past weekend we headed up to Utah to visit Dustin's grandparents. It was a very quick trip, but well worth it. Dustin's brother Ryan and his family decided to make the trip also and I'm glad they did, it was a lot of fun.

The weather was great and that was good since we don't own too many cold weather items. :) We did luck out and find a bit of snow in some piles on the ground that Christian could enjoy. He enjoyed throwing a few balls at mom and Uncle Ryan and even thought it was funny when I threw them back at him. It was so fun to hear him belly laugh about it! And Chloe, well can I just say that I think the weather there did something to her hair. It was SO out of control the entire time. So funny!

Dustin's cousin Alicia and her daughter Brooklyn came down to visit with us and it was great. Really, they don't get much sweeter than Alicia and her little girl is just a doll. I must tell you that Dustin spent a lot of the visit trying to win over little "B." It didn't quite happen this trip, but I'm sure he made a good start for next time. :) We even managed to get in a very quick photo shoot with the little doll which you will see later.

Dustin trying to win B over with a bribegreat grandma Peterson and Chloe sharing a momentAlicia and BrooklynChloe and a bag of curd cheese(a tradition every time we visit)Christian loved the wheel chair and wanted to give Chloe a ridean attempt to get all the little ladies in a pic with grandma

OK, so...

Yes, we are still alive. We were in Utah this past weekend and since we have been back it's been sick kids to attend to and little sleep to get. I have plenty of pictures to post and will get to that very soon.

Fun news is that in the planning of a certain upcoming party I found the most fantastic news:

Access Hollywood has confirmation from Summit that Eclipse will be releasing on June 30, 2010.

Sequels can often take years to get made, but fans looking to sink their teeth into more “Twilight” won’t have to wait too long.

The third film in the series, “Eclipse,” will arrive on June 30, 2010, Summit Entertainment confirmed to Access Hollywood. Sequel “New Moon” is due November 20 of this year.

Moreover, the series now has a name; based on the beloved novels of author Stephenie Meyer, the series has been officially named “The Twilight Saga.”

Chris Weitz will helm “New Moon,” which will see stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner reprise their roles. Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, who penned “Twilight,” will adapt both “New Moon” and “Eclipse.”

Well this makes me very happy!! :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

meet Paige

For those of you waiting to see the newest member of the Jacquez family...the pics are up. Head on over and check them out!! She is a doll!!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ever just...

have one of those days that it hits you how lucky you are? Or should I say, reminds you! Well yesterday was one of those for me. I won't get into details, but let's just say that I am so grateful for the blessings to me and my family, in every way.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines Day/birthday celebration

This weekend was a hard one for me since I suffered from a migraine for most of it. But I managed to pull it together a bit and enjoy some family fun!

On Saturday we celebrated our nephew Chase's 4Th birthday. The kids all had so much fun and enjoyed a rain-free day outside. And I think the adults enjoyed having some adult conversation as well.:)

Mommy's girl, well at least for the moment!Chloe loved her Valentines card, or in her words "book", that she got from her cousins Mia & Emma.Now this had Dustin and I cracking up. Christian joined the kids in a foot race, but decided to stop at the turn and pick up the cone that had been knocked over. The best part was that he has no idea what a "race" is and was just running with his friends.Even with Uncle Andy's help he just wasn't going to hit it. :)Thanks for sending us this one dad!The birthday boy.Savannah was in love with the candy and found an Uncle to give her what ever she wanted.I mean really, who can resist this face?Trey was in love with the balloons.

After the party we headed over to Philly's Best for some cheese steak sandwiches to take home for dinner. The rest of the night was a quiet one spent at home.

I found the perfect card for Dustin this year. What do you think??

Bad news is it got here a little late and I had already given him a different one. Guess I will have to re-gift it to him again of find another use for it. :)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

daddy's got a new job

On Tuesday Dustin interviewed for a new position at work and on Thursday we found out that he got it! We are so happy for this change. He was very happy in his current position, but that dept is going to be closing down at the end of the month. The worst outcome could have been for him to have to go back to collections on the phone and get yelled at all day. We are SO glad this didn't have to happen!!

He will be in the REO dept starting March 1st. He will be the closing coordinator for the bank owned houses that his company sells. He is very excited for this new position and we are too. He gets to keep his weekends off and will have less stress and that is always a good thing. :)

Tuesday morning the kids made signs for daddy and sent it to him on the cell phone.

Christian's pictureChloe's picture (1st one ever I think)
We just know that this is why he got the job!!! :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

win a camera!!!

There is a contest that started this morning by one of my favorite photographers, Me Ra Koh ,that I just have to tell you about. She, along with a few sponsors are giving away 3 Sony DSLR cameras worth $700 and a set of her DVDs. I have these DVDs and they are awesome.

There are a few rules such as you need to be 21 to enter, one entry per household and things like that, but no biggie.

Really who couldn't use a new awesome camera. And if you enter and win and by chance don't want it, well I would happily take it off your hands. :)

So head over to her blog and get the details. Good luck!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

what we did today

This morning we continued with the early Spring cleaning and tackled Chloe's room. Chloe just insisted that a few of the hats just weren't ready to be packed away.

Later in the afternoon we decided to go to the park for a bit. The past few days have been cold and rainy so some outdoor time was much needed. Both kids had a ton of fun and Christian's days of being shy are LONG gone. As soon as any new kid would get there he would just start talking and playing with them. I'm so proud of him! The fun was swiftly brought to an end when Christian slipped on a sandy surface and hit his chin on the bottom of a slide. It gave him a good cut, but daddy says it doesn't need stitches, so all is well tonight and we have avoided the doctor for a 3rd trip in less than 3 weeks. :)
This is how Chloe gets down the slide"I see you mama"

Have you

...been over to my photography blog lately? If not and you are in the mood for something sweet then you may want to. That's all I'm saying...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

our double trouble

Man, do they ever keep us on our toes!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Sunday, February 8, 2009

catching up with Christian

It's been a while since I've posted many pictures of the kids,so it's catch up time!!