Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Goodbye Salanoa's

So a few weeks ago we had a BBQ at Kristin and Monty's before they left for their next adventure. Colorado will be home for them for a bit as Monty returns to school. I am very sad to see them go. I have enjoyed getting to know my sister in law better and her family as well. I loved watching the kids play together and seeing Christian start to play with the "big" kids. We will miss them, but at the same time are excited to visit them because we always wanted to visit Colorado. :)

These are a few fun pics that we captured at the BBQ.

They have a great yard for bike riding and the kids learned how to ride pretty well on thier own that night. Now Christian wants a big boy bike.A litle help from mom.Just what she had been waiting for...thanks Auntie!Our new found fav that we brought to share.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

7 years

Dustin and I celebrated 7 years of marriage on July 19Th. We went to Glen Ivy Hot Springs for the day and enjoyed some much needed relaxation. We soaked in some pools and rubbed some mud on each other. :)We did take the camera, but kind of forgot about it and just enjoyed the time together, so no pics to post from our fun day.

I will post this pic of the two of us courtesy of Christian (note the blurriness). This pic was taken on our vacation last week...more on that later.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Christian's first day of kindergarten

Dear Christian,

Yesterday was your first day of kindergarten. When I woke you up for school you were excited and ready for your adventure. As we arrived at school you kept your positive attitude and entered your new world with eagerness. You were a little shy, but still excited. Your new teacher, Mrs. Proach, greeted you by name and you even gave her a hug. Your friend Cambria is in your class (as I requested) so that should make things easier for you. But I think you will quickly make new friends. Daddy even took a day off from work so he could be there for your first day of school. Chloe missed you, but really I think she liked the house to herself a little too. :)

When we picked you up from school Mrs. Proach said you had a good day. You cried a little, but she thought it was because you needed to use the restroom. :) You later told us a boy pushed you down. Overall you said you liked school and that it was fun. We were so glad to hear that. (just a reminder that your 2nd day didn't start out so good, lots of crying when I left you, from both of us) We took you to lunch at Uncle Andy's work to get sandwiches, you were happy!!

You were excited as we left for picked Star Wars for your back pack and lunch box
you looked so handsome!almost there...a quick stop in front of your school sign...and the adventure begins...your friend Cambria is there to share the funmy last view of you as we say goodbye

Christian we are so proud of you!! We know it was a hard day (for all of us), but you did great. When you told us a boy pushed you down we wanted to hunt him down. We talked to you about it and really you seemed to just brush the whole thing off. You are so forgiving, we need to be more like you. As parents we just want to protect you and make sure you are safe at all times. It's hard to be away from you, but we also know that we need to. You have to explore the world for yourself and learn and grow into the amazing man that we know you will be. We love you so, so much and look forward to watching you grow and learn.

Mom & Dad