Saturday, May 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Dustin

Yesterday was Dustin's birthday and he turned the big 29. I know, he is still a youngin! We had hoped to escape to Vegas for a few days, but it didn't work out so we will save that for a later time. Thursday night we went and stayed at the local Hilton Hotel so we could enjoy the pool and a nice air conditioned room for the night. We also ordered room service from their restaurant and it was so yummy!

We had the entire day Friday to celebrate his birthday. I thought maybe we would go to the beach, the mountains or maybe even Palm Springs, but no. After breakfast he wanted to go to the local county museum. He said that there was a big train there that Christian would love to play on. I had actually never been there and it was a really fun time. Can you believe that they closed the train off so you can't touch it sad!! :( Christian loved just seeing it though.

After the museum we headed home for some naps. Really all Dustin wanted to do today was rest, can you blame him!? Then he got to choose dinner and he wanted a burger from Farmer Boys. We then ended the night with cake and presents. It was a simple, but great birthday. I hope that he felt our love and knows how much we love him and appreciate all that he does for our family.

I need to also say a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Kristin (Dustin's twin sister) and Monty (her hubby). They both also celebrated birthdays yesterday. Also Miss Chloe turned 8 months old yesterday. We love you and hope that you had a great day!!

Chloe's first dip in a pool, she loved itthis kid loves his bathscan you tell they are related?
building a housepetting the mouseso grossfrom the kids

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

our happenings

Well the past few days have been busy between full of energy kids, taking my dad to dr appts and me not feeling good I just haven't had the time or energy for much of anything. I do need to mention what Christan did yesterday though. I really could have strangled him! Well Chloe was taking one of her brief naps and Christian was watching a movie so I thought it would be a safe time to get a quick shower. Was I ever wrong!! As soon as I was done Christian kept pointing towards the kitchen saying "ig." I had no clue what he was talking about so I went to check it out and was I ever shocked. He was saying "eggs" and this is the mess I found.I have been needing a new pair of sunglasses for a while now, but haven't been able to find any that I like. I never think that they look good on me or Dustin thinks that they don't. So since summer is pretty much here I decided to go to my friend Rhonda's work tonight and have her help me pick some out. I think we did a pretty good job, now I just need to keep them away from Christian or they will be history. :)they even have a cute little design on the sideJust have to mention that Chloe actually napped today and at the same time that Christian did. So mom actually got a little rest! Yea!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

So last minute we decided to go to my sister Julie's for a BBQ. Dustin was exhausted because he had to work a few hours this morning, but was still up for going. Really I could have stayed home and just relaxed today with the family because Dustin and I both were tired because for some reason we just couldn't sleep last night. Well I know that part of my problem was a migraine. Yuck! We made it to her house and I'm glad that we did. We had a really good time and I was glad that they got to see the kids.

I must admit that the highlight of the day for me was Christian and Alex playing in the back yard. They were jumping off this little ledge that they just loved. They probably thought that it was so high, but in reality wasn't. It was so fun to watch!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

fun afternoon

After church today we took some fun pictures of the kids in the grass. Christian really wasn't too excited, but Chloe loved the leaves. Someday soon I hope I can get a good picture of the two of them together. :)

leaps and bounds

I definitely had no reason to worry about little Chloe. This week she mastered sitting up all by herself and has moved on to standing. Dustin walked by her room on Friday night and briefly caught her in the act. I caught her a few times yesterday and just couldn't believe my eyes. I guess she showed me !! Chloe's babbles have also changed tone this week. It sounds like she is trying harder to get things out. She has also said mama a few times. Of course not on purpose, but I'll take it anyway. I'm so glad that Dustin heard her say it too so that he didn't just think I was making it up. :) Now if she would just learn how to take naps then life would be a little nicer. :)
Christian is sure talking a lot these days and it sure is fun. We got him the leap frog videos a few moths ago and he just loves them. At least once a day he asks for frog, but usually it's several times a day. It's just great! I love to hear him imitating the videos. These are a few of his newer words: fast, try, walking, rocket, pig, cow, face, hair, fire truck and puppy. And these two are my favorites, scared and yuck. The way he uses them are so funny! Now that I think of it there are a lot of new words and I can't write all of them down. We are sure proud of him.
Don't you just love the cheesy face and fingers

Thursday, May 22, 2008

...and I was worried

So I'm not sure what I was worried about with Chloe's lack of concern for sitting up. This week she has been doing it all on her own and sitting completely upright. I do have to admit that she does still occasionally fall slowly over. She has barely been sitting up very long and is already grabbing the rails in her crib and bouncing and even trying to get a leg up. Why do they want to grow up so fast? She also has been getting all over the house with the cutest army crawl ever for a couple of weeks now.

This week she has also had a BIG girl bath in the real bath tub. She just wasn't fitting in the small one anymore. She loves it and just splashes the water with her hands almost the entire time. Of course Christian has to join her each time and I just love it. He tells her "no,no baby" when she splashes because that is what we tell him when he does it. They are so cute together and just melt my heart. Those are the precious moments!!

only in California

Weird, weird weather! Only in Cali can we have our air conditioners on full blast because it is so unbearably hot outside and then 4 days later have lightning,thunder, rain and tornados. Yes, I said tornados! We had some in the neighboring city of Moreno Valley at MAFB. It actually knocked a train over and some cars. Crazy! With all this crazy weather no wonder we are always sick. We never know if we should wear a jacket or break out the bathing suits.

Today Christian got to experience his first thunder storm( well that he can remember anyways). I wasn't home because I was at the doc with my dad, but Dustin said that it was a fun experience. He kept saying that he was scared (which is a new word) and that that he didn't like the monster (thunder). He also kept asking Chloe if she was scared. So cute!! Just for my sake I hope it storms again like that! :)

And for those of you that have lived in this area then you know the Indian legend about the orange show. No wonder the rain huh?! I guess it starts tomorrow...more rain hopefully.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

say cheese

So yesterday Veronica and the kids were nice enough to let me practice some more with my camera on them. We had a fun time even though it was HOT. Chase finally had enough so we decided to call it quits too. :) They were great little models for me, but I learned that shooting in the shade can be tricky with all the shadows. So I will definitely need some more practice. HINT, HINT!! :)

Here are some of my favorites from yesterday. Thanks again guys!!