Monday, December 27, 2010

Santa pics

This year at Church Dustin and I were in charge of the Santa pics. Dustin took the pics and the kids and I handed out the goody bags. It was a fun time for sure!!

He's ready...bring on Santa!Chloe didn't want a turn by herself...maybe next year.

Disneyland again... plus 3

Earlier this month we headed to Disneyland again to soak in all the Holiday cheer there. There is just something special about it this time of year! As we were pulling into the park we got a call from Dustin's brother Ryan. He was thinking of heading down too and so we made plans to meet once they got there.

The cutest toys ever.Dustin and Christian on the Ferris wheel. Not my thing!The kids had a blast listening to the story of Peter Pan and playing.Off to Small World.

Lizeth, Leilani & Ryan.The creepy clown.Dustin doing his thing.The Sleeping Beauty Castle is now open so that you can walk through it. I don't remember doing this before and it was pretty fun.We had a ton of fun with the family and the kids were in Heaven. We will have to do this more often since we all have passes now. :)

a visit from Hawaii

At the beginning of December we got a special visit. Our sister-in-law Veronica came for a quick visit and brought Carl, the newest member of the Peterson family. It was so good to see Veronica and finally meet Carl, if only for a very short time.

Chloe had been looking forward to meeting baby Carl and holding him. She just didn't know that he wasn't the smallest of babies. :)
Christian even wanted a turn.The visit was short and sweet, but we can't wait for the whole family to come for a visit in March. See you then guys!! :)

Thanksgiving 2010

This Thanksgiving Dustin really wanted to make the turkey. This was his first time and he was a natural in my opinion, if that's possible. :) I'm not a huge fan of turkey, but his was GOOD!

The men doing the carving.Always dressing up. She found this visor and thought it was the new fashion statement.Christian doing his best to push Chloe.The kids warming up by the fire after playing outside. It was a bit chilly.Mia reading the kids a story.