Friday, February 18, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011 and a hair cut

Valentine's Day was all about family this year. Dustin had to work so Chloe and I helped in Christian's class and got to help out with their class party also. All I can say is sugar overload!! The kids and I hit the grocery store and got some goodies to make pizza for dinner. We made a heart out of pepperoni (sorry forgot to take a pic)and we also made some fresh asparagus. I like to get the kids a little gift each year and this year Christian got a Thomas the train board game and Chloe got to My Little Ponies. the girl loves her ponies these days.

We also made a few different cards this year.

For the family.Some wallets.Christian's school card.
We also made one for Chloe so daddy could take to work, but I forgot to get a finished pic of it.
First thing in the morning Chloe decided to give herself her first haircut. I didn't notice until I was brushing her hair and a BIG chunk came out. I knew right away what she had done. She has been talking about hair cuts for a while. She also gave her ponies some new hair styles. So after we dropped Christian at school it was off to the salon for her.

It could have been a lot worse. She just chopped one side and got some bangs. Now her hair is just shorter. Good thing she has curls or it would look a lot worst.

Bad thing is she loved going to the salon . The next night she asked if we could go again and I said we have to wait a while for it to grow. She looked at me and said " the lady said come back anytime, remember!!" Oh this girl of mine is too smart and funny!!!

a new bed

It was we thought. Chloe has had a hard time sleeping in her toddler bed through the night lately so we thought that getting her a bigger bed might help. So far it hasn't. :( It was fun taking her to pick out her bedding though and it's way better to be able to lay next to her in a bed now rather than on the floor for mom and dad.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

fit for a princess

On the same day as the Monster truck event we also had a another event to attend. Chloe was invited to a princess party and even though she couldn't stay the entire time I knew I had to bring her. This is her kind of party! She plays dress up and princess everyday at home so she was very excited to attend. I didn't bring my camera to the party, but lets just say it was fit for a princess for sure and she had a great time.

Here are a few pics of her before we left.

Then she came home and woke her sleeping Prince with a kiss.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

it's been a while...

It's been a while since I posted, shame on me. Sorry to those of you who still follow us. :) Work has been keeping me busy as well as the rest of the family and just life in general, but I do plan on being better. If you get bored you can always head over to my photography blog and see the latest from me.

Last month we were invited to go to Monster Jam at Anaheim Stadium with our friends the Jacquez's to celebrate their son Ryan's birthday. We said yes right away because we knew it would be fun and thought Christian would love it. Well it was super fun and from what I can tell he did love it. Chloe, not so much! It was too loud for her. We will bring better ear plugs for the kids next time.

Our friends the Lomenick'sA family picture.The birthday boy and his awesome cake his dad made for him.Christian loved the Batman truck.