Monday, March 22, 2010

Jen comes to visit

Tomorrow will be a week since my bff left from her quick visit to Cali. She came out last weekend to visit with us for a few sweet days. I wish she could have stayed longer, but I know she missed her family and I'm sure they missed (and needed) her. We sure made the most of her visit though and it re-energized me in so many ways that only a best friend can! Saturday after we picked her up form the airport we went over to Dustin's parents to celebrate my birthday along with my nephew Tyler who also has a March birthday.Sunday we visited and I some how convinced her to take some family pictures of us so that I could actually be in them. Here is one of my favs, but I will post more later.Dustin snapped a few of the two of us.Chloe sure fell in love with Jen and I can't blame her. She is pretty great! She preferred Jen to help her with almost everything instead of mom and that was just fine with me. Not often I get a break after all. :) It was a great few days filled with lots of talking, laughing, shopping and way too much eating. Thanks for the visit bff and thanks to my awesome hubby for keeping tabs on the kids so I could play (oh and for the awesome crepes). :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

my birthday

So it's been a little over a week now since I turned a year older and hopefully wiser. I had a great weekend and birthday and felt very loved.

Saturday we wanted to go out and do something, but weren't quite sure what since it was raining off and on. We decided to head to L.A. and go to the La Brea Tar Pits with the kiddos. It was fun, but I think the kids enjoyed running around outside a bit more.

Christian told daddy he wanted his picture taken in front of the two cats "hugging." :)
After the tar pits we decided to drive over to the L.A. Temple (where we were married)and walk around the grounds. We don't get down to this area very often so we decided to take advantage of it while we were here. Chloe really loved it and kept saying that this is where mommy was a princess and daddy was a king. I love how little ones see things. She says the same thing when she looks at our wedding pictures. :)

Christian was quite the photographer this day.
Monday Marci was nice enough to watch the kids for us so we could enjoy some "adult time." We went to the movies, saw Dear John, went to lunch at the Olive Garden and ate way too much, then went and did a little shopping. We got home just in time to catch the delivery man who was dropping off some yummy treats sent from my best friend Jen.Then we all enjoyed some yummy cake to celebrate me getting old.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A hodge podge

Other random happenings in our home these days.

Chloe LOVES to dress up with anything and everything. On this day she informed me that she was going to school. Umm...OK!She also has a big problem with leaving her clothes on.Chloe is now in a big girl bed and still trying to adjust to it.Took the kids out scouting photography spots with me and ended up with some new fav pictures.This is how real girls eat their popcorn.Had a play date with some friends from church.I was so excited to see these little guys there. For those of you who know Kim and Jason Lomenick, these are their boys...Tyler and Justin.We started a cooking class/recipe exchange once a month with all the Peterson gals (minus Veronica). :( This night Kristin was in charge and lasagna was on the menu.
Chloe helping Auntie Kristin with the broccoli.She just can't resist helping. :)The finished product.Mexican style.Grandpa was so good to play Hungry Hungry Hippos with Christian.It was all he wanted to do and Gpa made his day!Trey also helped!

Monday, March 8, 2010

part 2

After we left the zoo for the afternoon we headed over to the Griffith Observatory. This was a little more crowded than we expected, but it still was a great time. Dustin really enjoys astronomy and it was fun to have him explain things to us, but was also funny to see him get a bit irritated when a certain 4 year old would just run the other way mid-conversation. :)

The view of L.A. , not the clearest of days!
Don't they all look so smart?!