Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas day 2009

What a fun Christmas this was with the kids. The magic sure was there this year for them. The way that Christian's eyes lit up on Christmas morning was priceless and little Chloe had her share of excitement as well.

WARNING: lots of pictures ahead!!!

Later that evening we went to my sister's for a little visit. The kids enjoyed opening gifts and playing with cousin Alex.

Chloe and Auntie JulieHow about this classic thanks to Christian :)
Then we stopped by my dad's so the kids could open their gifts from him and visit.

The following day while on our way out the kids were happy to find more packages on the porch. Oh happy day!!! Thanks Auntie Michelle and Uncle Jim!!

What an awesome Christmas we had this year, but I am aleady looking forward to next year!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009

Christmas Eve we spent with the Peterson side of the family and enjoyed our annual pizza and root beer float festivities as well as great company.

The kids performed the Nativity Story. Chloe was a Shepard and Christian a Wise man. I was so excited that he wanted to do it this year because last year he wanted nothing to do with it.

Ryan read his annual Christmas letter which is a highlight every year.

We had our gift exchange.

And we got to meet our newest nephew Makai. FYI...he was already crying when I picked him up.

Christmas prep

Well this year we decorated a little later than usual. My sessions seemed to run way into the month of December which meant so did editing and less sleep than desired. Weekends were spent just hanging out as a family and trying to rest a bit for both Dustin and I since he works so hard during the week at his job. Next year I have to have a firm cut off for sessions and probably a higher price as well.

We kept our small trees this year because I don't think that certain little hands were ready for the real stuff yet. Maybe next year! :) Christian loved helping to decorate, but poor Chloe was still sick with bad ear infections and a mean fever.

Christian's favorite decorationMy favorite decorationWell, he seems to love it too!
And I can't forget the picture that we used in our cards this year: