Saturday, July 30, 2011

4th of July

Behind again I know!!!  I have been taking it easy and just enjoying the summer break with the kids so that means less time on the computer as well. :)

For the 4th of July we decided last minute, I mean real last minute to go to La Selva Beach. We realized that mom, dad,  Mia and Emma were up there and we had remembered how much fun they had all had the year before. This was Saturday afternoon, by early Sunday afternoon we were on our way. We would have left earlier, but Dustin had to teach at Church Sunday morning and Chloe also had her first Church talk as well. Then we came home LATE Monday night.

Chloe's first talk at Church. She did so good and spoke so loud and clear. She was proud and excited. She had been telling us that she wasn't going to prepare, but just talk. Umm, I don't think so honey! ;) She was awesome and brought tears to my eyes.
Ryan called us Sunday morning and said the he and Leilani were up for an adventure also, so we picked them up on the way. The kids sure enjoyed each other.
We had so much fun in La Selva and sure packed in a lot of things. We plan on going back next year now that we know what we have been missing, but spending a bit more time will be a sure thing.

The kids enjoyed some face painting.

Waiting for the parade to start.

Dustin and Ryan helped out in the sand castle event. Their team took 3rd!

Friday, July 1, 2011

some projects

We have needed a new dining table for a while now. We had a chair or two break and really it was never loved. :(  It was given to us when we were first married and you just can;t beat that deal. I hadn't found anything that I just loved and wanted to spend much money on seeing how the kids still aren't kind to our things.

So I saw that a while back a friend of mine redid a chest with spray paint and I loved it. So I was gonna try it! I got the details from her and was off to Home Depot. The kids were in for the fun, but Dustin, not so much. No worries though I really didn't push him. This was my project and I really was looking forward to it. The kids did love helping also.

I forgot to get before pictures, but just imagine the standard brown wood table and chairs. I have 2 mis-match chairs that I found at a new favorite thrift store that we added. Cool thing is they also double as photography props!! ;)

I also got some new curtains....and LOVE them!

 I also painted the chalk board...
and found this at the thrift store. A little paint and now Christian has somewhere to hang his backpack.
I am slowly making a few changes around the house to make it feel more like "a home." I think that when a lot of us get married we buy the things the we see in the store and everyone else has and get those same things because that's the easy and sometimes cheaper way for newly weds. As we get older we learn our style and who we are and can express that in our home. That's where I am...I'm older!

award fun

The school also has a big awards assembly at the end of the year to honor all the kids who have received awards throughout the school year. Each child gets a pin for the different awards that they have gotten. Christian had received 2 awards this year so he got 2 pins. He was very proud and wears them all the time.

end of the year performance

In the last two weeks of school Christian had a lot going on. I mean A LOT!!! I had to clear my schedule just to keep up with him and make thigs happen, but it was worth it. He sure enjoyed his activities and I was so proud of him for wanting to.

One of the things the school does each year is an end of the year performance. Each class sings a few songs or does some skit type thing. Christian's class sang two songs and it was fun to watch. Our little man was so proud and actually sang and even danced a bit.  

Great job buddy!!

  His school also went to a local water park and to a roller rink. He loved the water park, but not so much the roller skating. I was going to take him out of school early so he didn't have to go because he has never skated, but he wanted to go. He couldn't get out of there fast enough when I picked him up. :) Poor kid hated it!