Friday, June 25, 2010

still alive...if you were wondering

I wish we had some fun and exciting news to report, but really nothing too exciting on the home front. We have been busy with pre-kinder stuff for Christian as he will start school on August 9Th (tear). I had the amazing opportunity of attending an awesome photography workshop last weekend (more on that later). Dustin has been so busy at work, which means job security I guess so that's always a good thing. And my photography business is just rolling right along and getting bigger as it goes. This is a huge blessing to us, but a little intimidating at the same time for me. I told Dustin that I think I have to start considering myself a working mom, at least part time. :)

So I really have no fun pictures to share because we have been doing a little more working than playing these days, but some fun is coming soon...I can feel it. :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

catching up (again)

It seems like all I do on here is play catch up these days. I guess it's a good thing to be busy though and so I don't have too many complaints about it. It's good to be busy in these hard times.

So lets get started...

One night I went into Christian's room to check on him and this is what I found him doing...He said it was him and I holding hands and that he missed me so much. I couldn't even be mad that he was still awake after that. :)

The kids had their first dentist was an experience to say the least. Their teeth looked good though, so that was good news. Chloe got her first nightgown, thanks to daddy, and loved it!She is still obsessed with her baby dolls.I love how this little guy on the TV seems to be suggesting how my clients must feel when they see me coming. :)Some cute momentsChloe wanting to wear daddy's hatChloe loves to talk on the play phone and this time she said she was talking to Auntie Kristin...about babies I believe!Christian enjoying daddy's birthday present...a Nintendo system.This was the little kitten that Dustin rescued under the house. Some how it was up in the floor boards under the idea how it got there.

Friday, June 4, 2010

beach time

Last month we took our first beach trip of the year. It was kind of last minute, but were glad that we went for the evening and made it just before sunset. We headed down to the Balboa area and enjoyed some sand and fun!

I was so grateful that a random lady asked us if we wanted her to take a pic of all of us.We had a great time and I'm sure this is just the start of many more trips to come this year.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dustin's birthday

Dustin celebrated a birthday this past Sunday...his 31st to be exact. :) We enjoyed a nice relaxing long holiday weekend together. The long weekends are great, except for the fact that everything is crowded.

Friday got started with a foot/leg massage (aka...lotion bath) from Chloe. Her latest thing to do. :)Saturday Dustin's parents had a picnic at the park to celebrate May birthdays. We celebrated, Ryan's, Trey's, Dustin, Kristin and Monty's.It was so warn that we used the sweat on Christian to see what his hair would look like spiky...pretty cute I think!Picture courtesy of Christian. :)This moment cracked me up. Christian is listening to Uncle Monty very carefully as he tries to pay Christian to stick his face in the cake. He didn't go for it! LOLSome of the family later went to the park across the street to see a gopher snake that had made it's way by the people. Kyle and the boys enjoyed themselves just a bit too much for my taste.Sunday we went to church, BBQ'ed, made a cake, opened presents and napped.Chloe helping make the cake.Re-lite so the kids can blow out the candles. :)Time for presents. The kids picked it out, I wonder why?!:)Monday we went to the movies to see "how to train your dragon." Very cute movie, but we will have to show it to Chloe again since she slept through most of it. :)

Happy birthday Dustin! We love you and look forward to celebrating many more birthdays with you!!! xoxo