Monday, November 29, 2010

family vacation-day 2 {part2}

It was time to hit the road and make our way to Grandma Carole's in La Selva.

Once we got there it was time for some refreshmentsand some play time.Chloe loves this tea set and even had to call Grandma Carole on the way to make sure she had it.We made smores a few nights and this was a lot of fun for everyone. I have to tell you that relaxing by the fire was one of the best times on the just felt like vacation should.This was one of my favorite moments on the trip. Grandma Carole had never actually made smores herself and Chloe was telling her how to do it.Time for bed, we have a fun filled day ahead of us tomorrow...little faker!Daddy, how do you really feel?? ;)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

our family vacation 2010- day 1 (part I)

Back in August (yes, August)we took a family vacation. This was the perfect time! Dustin and I had both been really busy with work and life and just needed a break. Christian was also getting ready to start school so we figured it was a great time for a little break.

Our original plan was to drive up the Oregon coast and see the sights. We quickly changed our plans when we realized how long a trip that was and that the little ones may not love that idea...another time perhaps. :) We did still make it up the coast a bit. We decided to go visit Grandma Carole in La Selva and do some things along the way that we hadn't done before. Our first stop was in Solvang, a fun little Danish town.

We stopped to look at the valley as we drove in.He cracks me up.Now she knows how to have fun.We explored the city.We had some yummy pizza, man was it good!!And mini cupcakes.Our hotel.Daddy made them their own perfect spots.We ate some's vacation right? :)Chloe being cute on the balcony.Christian getting a quick pic before we hit the road again.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


We didn't make it to the pumpkin patch this year, just too much going on. Dustin did bring one home from work though that he needed to decorate for a contest. The kids were more than excited to help!!

Christian's side...

Chloe's side...
Dustin didn't win the contest and I think he was totally robbed. Should have won cutest pumpkin for sure!! At least the kids had fun!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween 2010

This Halloween week was filled with lots of fun things for our family (OK, the kids really). The kids really enjoyed Halloween this year and I think it will only get better as they get a bit older and understand it more. Christian was set on being Darth Vader for a while now and Chloe changed her answer every time you asked her. She finally went with Ariel, the little mermaid, but soon changed her mind....too late little one. :)We started the fun off with a party at Church on Wednesday.The kids had a blast and loved playing all the games this year!Friday Christian got to wear his costume to school and they had a parade. I didn't have my camera so no pics. Saturday night we took the kids to Mammy and Grandpa's Church party. We missed the games, but made it for trunk-or-treating and that's the most important anyways right?! :) Chloe & Leilani(Belle).In the hay maze.A loving moment I just had to catch.Sunday we took the kiddos out for their first trick-or-treating experience. It was great! We went with Ryan, Lizeth and Leilani. Dustin found us a great neighborhood and the fun began. The kids took turns ringing the doorbells, which seemed to be all the rage. :) Christian kept saying he wanted to go to a haunted house, but we soon learned this wasn't going to happen. At one house after getting his candy he spotted a man in a mask with a chainsaw, so he ran towards me. Well behind me was another man in a mask with a chainsaw so he ran back the other way. Poor kid thought he was trapped and had a complete meltdown and ran to daddy's arms. It was sad and great all at the same time. He was ready to go home and was timid the rest of the night, but he pushed on and did great. The little girls I think were still too young to know what was going on I think...thank goodness. I took a few pics of the kids before we headed out. Christian showing us some moves.
Chloe isn't a big fan of the camera so this is the best we could do with her. :)It was a great time and I'm looking forward to next year already!!