Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy 2nd birthday Chloe

Dear Chloe,

Two years ago today we welcomed you to our family. What an absolute joy you are! You just amaze us everyday with all you say and do. We could not have imagined how much a baby girl would add to this family. You are so sweet, smart and funny. You speak so well and mostly in complete sentences. You are a smarty pants! Your little voice is just adorable and get mostly anything you ask for because we can't resist you. You usually end the last word in your sentences with a high pitch and have developed a slight lisp the last few months and it only makes your voice even cuter. Your wild curls and beautiful eyes are a favorite of ours. You idolize your older brother and would follow him anywhere I think. You are so strong and tough. Ever since I can remember you would take a licking and just bounce right back and carry on your business. You are so adored and I just want to bottle you up and stop time because you are just perfect. On the other hand I can't wait to see the wonderful woman you will be someday. Happy birthday Chlo-bear...we love you so much!!


2 things that you might not know about Chloe:

1. She loves to dance.
2. She is very much a mommy's girl.

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

day three

On day three we headed up the coast to San Fransisco for the day. We figured since we were so close it was a shame not too. The morning and evening gave us some fog, but the day itself was beautiful.

The pigeon lighthouse on the way to San Fran (Dustin's photo)It was very windy and foggy at the Golden Gate BridgeDustin enjoyed a banana splitand me with a sundae that was a little piece of joke!!I just had to get a picture in front of the awesome doorsThe view of the city from Lombard street,the crookedest street in San FranciscoThe Bay Bridge...scary is all I can say!One of Dustin's office's in downtown SFThe pigeon lighthouse on our way back to La Selva
I have to say that on our way home we almost hit a deer, but didn't. Ask Dustin about the trip and that is what he will tell you first!! :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

day two

So day two of our mini get-a-way involved going to the Santa Cruz boardwalk and the 17 mile drive in Monterey. Christian had so much fun at the boardwalk and we had to drag him out of there, really!

This was Christian's favorite ride there. I lost count how many times he actually rode it.One time this little guy asked him if he wanted to ride with him and Christian quickly said "yes" even though there were plenty of open cars. I love that he's so sweet!!I think Chloe picked out this boat :)This picture is way blown out, but I just love it!!

We also did the 17 mile drive, but it was very wind and a bit chilly so we didn't get out to take very many pictures. It was still as beautiful as ever though!

And this is something that we never see at home so I had to get a picture. They were so cute!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

our mini get-a-way

OK, so I know that I need to update this blog, but I have just been in a slump I guess.

We did go to Monterey/La Selva this past weekend for a few days and had a great time. The past two times we have been there is has been a bit chilly and g-ma Carole always apologises for it and we tell her that we love it and we sure do. It was so nice to have weather in the 60's most days and we even had some rain and fog.

I have way too many pics that I want to post so I think it's best if I break our little mini fun-packed trip into days.

We got there Saturday evening and just relaxed from the drive. The kids had fun throwing nuts (or whatever they were) off the cliffs in La Selva and playing in g-ma's back yard or forest as it was called.

Looking for the dog next doorChristian was just being so darn cute for the cameraThe beach was really foggyCollecting the amo