Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Halloween festivities 2011

This year we had a great Halloween (well I think so). We had a few events to attend so there was lots of fun to be had.

 Christian celebrated Halloween at school the previous Friday because there was no school for him on Halloween day. They had a parade and class party. Later that night his school had their annual Halloween family night/carnival. It was so fun, but got cut short when Chloe wasn't feeling well. The kids experienced their first haunted house (their choice) and did NOT love it.

Saturday we celebrated with a party at our Church. The kids carved pumpkins for the contest (well they picked the pattern they wanted). They were so excited for it! They didn't win and Chloe thought she should have. ;) Chloe did however win cutest costume for the primary aged kids.(On a side not, I thought it was funny that Christian said he should have gone as a cute girl so he could win...haha.)

Christian had a Sully pumpkin from Monster's Inc. and Chloe had Rapunzel from Tangled. 

On Halloween Dustin and I were just plain tired and a little sick as well. It had been a long week for us. So we opted to stay close to home for trick-or-treating. We visited the grandparent's home, some friends and then a few neighborhoods. The kids had a great time!!

Christian as Jango Fett (Star Wars) and Chloe as Rapunzel (Tangled).


Monty and Kristin said...

Their pumpkins both looks great. Love their costumes. Hope you and D weren't sick for long. Great photos.

Veronica Peterson said...

Her pumpkin should have won:) there getting so big!

Veronica Peterson said...

Her pumpkin should have won:) there getting so big!

Caitlin said...

Those carved pumpkins were awesome! I hate carving pumpkins, believe it or not. I guess once my kids get old enough I'm going to have to suck it up and do just deal with it. Sigh. Anyway, your kids look great in their costumes and it looked like a fun Halloween for you guys!

Jennifer said...

Christians comment is too funny! I hated the dumb costume contest they had when I was a kid. The princesses always win...and I was never a princess. lol!